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Experience the Power of Microneedling at Our Medical Spa


Our service utilizes state-of-the-art technology Candela Exceed Microneedling to deliver precise and controlled micro-injuries to the skin, resulting in improved skin health, radiance, and youthfulness. Our highly trained aestheticians work closely with each client to create a customized treatment plan based on their specific skin concerns and goals.

Benefits of microneedling facial treatments:

  • reduce wrinkles and fine lines 

  • minimize pore size

  • stimulate collagen production

  • helps remove scars left by acne 

  • improve skin texture

  • revitalizing, toning and lifting the skin


   At our clinic, we use only the highest-quality needles and products to ensure the safety and comfort of our clients. Our Microneedling service is minimally invasive, with little to no downtime, making it a popular choice for busy individuals who want to rejuvenate their skin without taking time off from their daily routine.  

The number of sessions differs depending on the complexity of the treatment, between 3-8 sessions, every 2-3 weeks. You can see the redness of the skin after treatment, which lasts up to 48 hours. The results are observed after the first sessions, the skin will continue to improve in appearance in 6-12 months after treatment.

Experience the transformative power of this cutting-edge cosmetic procedure by scheduling a Microneedling appointment with us right away. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will be happy to answer any questions you may have and help you achieve the glowing, youthful skin you deserve. 


  • chronic skin conditions 

  • localized infections

  • diabetes

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