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The promise of a laser The luxury of a facial


What is Glacial Rx?


Glacial Rx is a breakthrough treatment for helps with minimizing the appearance of age spots, also known as sunspots, redness and inflammation it works by freezing melanin at its source, calming the skin and effectively reducing discoloration.

How Glacial Rx Work?

Glacial Rx

Uses advanced cryomodulation to reduce melanin production, targeting the root cause of age spots. This non-surgical treatment also cools the skin, reduces inflammation and redness, accelerates exfoliation, and lightens skin tone, all with a recovery time of under an hour.

Benefits of Glacial Rx

  • Quick and comfortable treatment of age spots

  • Minimizes pain, swelling, and inflammation

  • Results often seen after one treatment

  • Cool and refreshing procedure

  • No downtime required

  • Safe year-round with no heat irritation


After Glacial Rx Treatment

Enjoy the revitalizing cool sensation with no downtime—resume daily activities right away. Full results appear in up to three months, with many seeing immediate effects.

Side Effects

No recovery time needed. Full results take two to three months. Additional sessions may be recommended for larger areas.

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