Diana Cupcea

Licensed Medical Aesthetician

Licensed Electrologist / Laser Technician

 Skincare Guru / Educator

           - Hello, everyone,   I am Diana, I’m from Eastern Europe, from where I bring all my iconic treatments. I’ve been working in Europe in a dermatology office. I BELIEVE IN METHODS, NOT MIRACLES!

              Let me tell you how I start ...

       "The idea to become an aesthetician was born from Desire. The desire to be beautiful without photoshop, without makeup... The desire to be beautiful when you're in love and you betray your eyes, because at some point in my life, exactly at 24 years old, horrible acne hit me, making me so frustrated, trying almost everything with no success. Then, I realize that, if I will not do something for myself, nobody will do it, and I fall in love with the process of finding answers to my own questions.

       Here my Passion for aesthetics grows more and more. I terrible want to help people get rid of complexes and fall in love with themselves as I do now!"

         I have vast experience working on ACNE, DULLNESS of the skin, DEHYDRATED OILY skin ... and more, just because I have been through all these on my own. And I perfectly understand what means going from doctor to doctor from doors to doors without any results.

        I start developing my own regimen, treatment scheme and even natural homemade organic skincare products and deeper research on the ingredients, and the effect they have on the skin.

Perfect skin is now a reality

GetSkin Welcomes you to a timeless experience as you step into the world of relaxation and rejuvenation. GetSkin offers you the entire range of advanced facial skincare services. The most modern and time-proved methods beginning with pleasant refreshing procedures and finishing with radical methods of laser rejuvenation. As well as the removal of skin cosmetic defects such as benign formations (moles, warts, papillomas), pigmentation, enlarged vessels, red capillaries, and acne.

My Approach

             Making my clients look and feel their absolute best is my NR. 1 PRIORITY!!! Focusing on aesthetics and regenerative medicine, I’m passionate about treating each patient as a whole person - with unique needs and goals. I’ve love to talk with you about how we can achieve your beauty goals together with a custom-tailored beauty treatment plan.

“ I can’t stop the aging process, my job is to slow it down.“
                                                Diana Cupcea                   

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